Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ship Ahoy finished!

Last week was my half term, and while I was had a great time (DH took the week off too) we were so busy I was glad to go back to work for a rest! DS's room is now all decorated and has laminate on the floor, and we have moved wardrobes, shelving and cupboards to make it more like a bedroom and less like a fabric jumble sale! My workroom is now in the study, and so far, so good. All this (along with a few days in Devon) meant that I didn't pick up any sewing at all, so last night I was glad to have the chance to layer, quilt and bind my Linus ship quilt.

I used some donated 2 ounce wadding (not my preferrred wadding of choice) which was a bit puffy, so didn't want to quilt it too much.

I just quilted in the ditch along the sashing and then around every boat - it took a bit of working out to make sure I only had to back-track for the minimum length! Since I was using cream thread, I didn't want it to show under the boat, so quilted a wavy line to look like waves. Looks quite effective, doesn't it!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks amazing and I think you handled the 2 oz wadding perfectly...just the right amount of puff ;o)

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Those boats really have the look of being in the waves being tilted in different directions. It is really cute!

Millie said...

This is just darling!

black bear cabin said...

the boats are totally cute! i love the waves :)
did i miss your son moving back home? sorry you lost your craft room :(

Shasta said...

It is a wonderful quilt.