Saturday, 31 July 2010

Head hurting

My head is hurting! It's not used to lots of mathematical calculations! My challenge group have decided to work on own projects, and take them from Lynne Edwards' new sampler quilt book.

This makes 12" blocks, which are sashed and quilted as you go. We decided to make 12 different blocks, and worked out that if we made two of each, it would make to be a nice big double bed sized quilt, which was already quilted. The first blocks to be tackled are 2 Delectable Mountains blocks. I spent a while thinking about this, and possible colourways, and finally decided to do my own thing. (What a surprise!)
I took my inspiration from the fabulous Sundial Coverlet in the Victioria and Albert Museum, and decided to make my quilt in mainly reproduction fabrics in blue and brown.

Obviously a bit of a rethink was in order, which started off my headache problems. I worked out that if I made the blocks at 8" finished, and made 4 of each, with a centre medallion (possibly of a sundial) 16" square, then it would make a quilt which was 64" without borders. Perfect!

Here is my design - sorry it's a bit faint. All the circles are blocks, and then I will have to do something in the corners to make it square, but that's a decision for later.

Next headache was to reduce the instructions from a 12" block to an 8" one. I made a prototype (which was too big) and then one which was fine.

And here is my first block, measuring in at 8" finished (more or less!).

When I've taken some paracetamol and had a lie down and a cup of tea, I'll make the other three!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh Blimey I need some paracetamol! LOL

What an ambitious task to change the layout and the sizes! I must admit I have received the book, but I'm still formulating my ideas...might get started after the holidays when the children are back at school...especially of higher maths are involved! :o)

black bear cabin said...

i have a LOT of trouble resizing i usually just keep looking till i find one in a size i need. Hows that for lazy :)