Friday, 16 July 2010

Milestone birthday!

This week I have had a big birthday. (Hint: look on my profile, and you can find out which one!) To celebrate, my immediate family and I went to a posh local hotel for a meal.

Chris doesn't look too happy here (!) but I can assure you that we all had a wonderful time. The surroundings (a nineteenth century stately home now converted into a luxury hotel) were fabulous and the food excellent. The portions were such that we had to skip dessert and opt for coffee in the lounge instead. Although you can get a flavour of the atmosphere from the photo, if you want to see more of it, click here, and if you fancy a treat, go for afternoon tea!


Contented Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Lynda - hope you got lots of treats.

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday - I've never been to Kilworth House Hotel but it does look lovely and it's not so far from me either. Hope you had a fabulous day.


Blogless me said...

Happy Birthday! What a marvelous idea - to celebrate your big day in such a fabulous place.

Sheilaf said...

Belated Happy Birthday from Florida, have a wonderful weekend and keep in the blogs, I love them.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You look positively cheery in that picture :o) Happy Birthday!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday - and many returns of the day!
A special meal out is always my first choice way to celebrate