Saturday, 10 July 2010

Quilting problem solved!

I have layered up my Gwen Marston free-pieced stars, and was ready to start quilting. But how to start?

I knew I didn't want to do all over quilting, as I wanted to quilt a wreath or something in the spaces between the blocks. But if I did that, the stars needed something to stabilise them, otherwise, they would just puff up and be lost. In the ditch was the perfect solution, but all that turning of the quilt would have been so, so tedious. Then I received the July/August copy of 'Quiltmaker'. One of the things I like about this magasine is that there are always quilting designs included for every quilt. Was there a design for a starry quilt? Yes! Star Harbour, by Eileen Fowler had a quilting design which could be done with free-motion quilting. Here is my version.
And here is the result. Now I just have to quilt the other 48!


Barb said...

great stars and I loved your sketch and the way you're quilting them.
very cool background to the blog!

Kathie said...

Great choice for quilting the stars, I love this quilt and can't wait to see it quilted.
I started a quilt like this, I think I need to get it out again.
although I like yours better with the light background...
shows off the fabrics so nicely

orchidlover said...

Love the quilting pattern.

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Having seen this quilt in person...I can honestly say it is gorgeous!!