Saturday, 11 September 2010

Second finish!

It's been my first official week of retirement, and I've spent a certain amount of it sewing. (For 'a certain amount' substitute lots!) I'm making good headway into the four Linus tops I have challenged myself to finish during September.

Here is another one done. I have just quilted round the stems and flowers, and done loopy meanders in the rest. I'm realy pleased that I was able to use up these UFO border appliques, and the striped fabric has worked really well.

I am preparing for a beginners' workshop I am taking on Saturday, and as part of it, I want to show about thread-savers and leaders and enders. I have been sewing my scrap 2" squares into four-patches for a while, and thought it would be a good idea to show what could be done with them. I've joined them into nine-patches, with blue 3.5" squares.

Here they are auditioned against more of the blue. Not sure that will be the right sashing solution. Any ideas?


Lindsay Jean said...

What about a patterned blue - a stripe maybe?

Susan said...

Great job using the bits and bobs.

Try auditioning the blocks with some fabric you have in your stash. I am not good at fabric selection but I have friends that are.

black bear cabin said...

i really like that first quilt with all the applique on there...lovely! what a great way to use up borders, and sooo pretty!
i didnt know you were retired awesome for you!!!! enjoy! :)

orchidlover said...

Love that stripy top. How about a busy but small pattern for your sashing or of course no sashing at all for an Irish Chain type quilt

Congratulations on your retirement by the way

Clare said...

I'd stick with a plain colour, otherwise you're going to detract from the blocks.

Good luck with your class.

Kathie said...

happy retirement!
oh the first quilt is so pretty.
Love that you made them into nine patches...
I like the blue fabric if thats what you have use it!
If you want to try a cream and see if the fabrics pop more then try that...

Lily (DD) said...

I think navy blue. You need to frame it nicely, as it's a lovely scrappy one, and that navy will be definite without being harsh.

Good work, Muth. xxxxxxxxxx

loulee said...

Hmmm, how about something paler for the sashing?
Can you tell me where to get a retirement too please?