Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tops, tops, tops

I haven't posted recently (or caught up with others' blogs either!) as we've been away. First Paris for a few days, then Edinburgh for the Fringe. Both were great, with lovely weather in Paris and fine weather in Edinburgh, which is good going for city breaks.
Now I'm back and eager to reduce my stash and projects. Firstly, I have been designing a simple cot quilt, as I have had a request from a local craft shop for a workshop. I wanted something easy (without too much matching) yet with the 'ah!' factor.

This simple strippy seemed to fit the bill.

I used a lovely farm design as the feature fabric and then just easy 9-patches. I'll take it down to the shop and see what she thinks about it. It will be a lovely cot quilt for Linus in any event.
The layering up of the quilt got me in the mood to make up some more tops. On looking in the Linus 'tops box' I found ......

the vine strippy I completed before we went away,

the pretty pink 'I spy a 4-patch' I made in July,
a bright cot quilt made from donated log cabin blocks,

another pretty strippy donated to Linus,

and last but not least, a green top which I will look forward to quilting for Linus. That's 5 tops (not mentioning the others in the box!) I'll aim to make up one a week for the month of September. Which one shall I do first?

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Contented Caroline said...

Wow - busy you Lynda. I personally like those greens and aqua's at the bottom - can't wait to see that one completed.