Saturday, 25 September 2010

Third finish!

I challenged myself to make up four Linus tops this month, and I needed to get a move on, as up to now, I'd only done two, with only five more days to go! Well, here is number three, all bound and labelled!

It was a top given to me at a meeting of Rocheberie Quilters. The maker thought that since it's in 'my colours' I might enjoy finishing it! Well, I certainly did, and I think it's a perfect bright and cheerful one for a Linus quilt.

I've actually been distracted by piecing - more people seem to like piecing than quilting and I'm no exception! I wanted to put together the sample blocks I made for the workshop last week.

Here's the completed top, made completely from donated fabrics, except for the blue solid, which came from my stash. Now if I can keep myself away from piecing, I only have one more quilt to finish and I'll have completed my challenge!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looking good!!

You are well ahead of me on the Linus front. I have one, half quilted, but I'm afraid it is on hold as piecing has taken over at the moment...I will get there eventually!

Susan said...

The quilts will surely bring a ray of sunshine to the recipient. Only one more to finish. You really are amazing

black bear cabin said...

you are really many of those Linus quilts do you make in a year? and each one is unique and beautiful! I love the color combo on this one...and i really like the little houses that are created with the workshop pattern you did...too cute! you rock!