Sunday, 24 July 2011


I have been doing more sewing for our production of 'A Midsummer's Night Dream'. The first scene is set in the town hall, and DH (the director) wanted a banner to set the scene. The only banner we had in our store was very medieval/panto, so I set about making another. Thank goodness for Google images, I say, as it was easy to do some research and come up with a design!

Here is the finished banner. Once the stage manager has given it a good press, it'll be just the job. I chose the designs of a tree (for the wood), the castle (for the town), an owl (for wisdom) and the crossed keys (because I needed something else for the fourth space!). I made a big blue and yellow four-patch and cut the shield shape out of that. I appliqued it onto the background, and then Heat and Bonded the shapes, with a bit of zigzag round them to keep them in place. There's only one problem with it.

While the yellow fabric was quilting fabric, the blue was a piece of poly which just happened to be the right colour. The yellow has appliqued pretty well, but the blue has stretched and puckered. For this purpose, it really doesn't matter, but it's a lesson in these days of belt-tightening, that you get what you pay for, and while it's good to get a bargain, you might not be so pleased with the final result!

What's that? Somnium comoedorum? That's Latin, for 'dream on you comedy actors' - or so DH tells me!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Well done on the banner...looks fab!