Wednesday, 6 July 2011

No start, but a finish!

It's a perennial dilemma - what do you do with the UFOs lurking in the back of your cupboard?
Gaynor had this problem with a teaching sample which had been waiting to be quilted since 1996! She brought it along to our Tuesday group to see if anyone wanted to take pity on it. As you can guess, I ended up bringing it home with me, and here it is quilted and finished. I would normally have bagged it for Linus, but the quilt was done so long ago, that the applique designs (the Four Seasons) have been effected with no-sew Heat and Bond, and although that claims to be permanent, I wouldn't like to risk little bits coming off (or being picked off!) and choking a toddler or small child. As luck would have it, we have a fund-raising auction for our drama group on Saturday, so it will be perfect as a lot for that. I was delighted to take the quilt for this cause, and Gaynor was delighted to see it on its way to a good home!


loulee said...

It's yummy. I'm a sucker for blues.

Contented Caroline said...

It's lovely Lynda - i would not want to see that one go i love blue and yellow combi's. The quilting looks great too can just about see it.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks great...the quilting looks good too ;o) Hope it does well at the auction!