Sunday, 3 July 2011


I have been busy sewing costumes for our group's production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. I'd rather be piecing, but since I foolishly agreed to make them (you'd have thought I'd learned my lesson last time!) I've been getting on with them. Various costumes have been hired, but the costumes for the fairies have all been made or adapted from charity shop finds. The idea is that the fairies are natural spirits, and I have at last got to the stage when I could dye them all 'pebble beige'.

Since they are all different fabrics, and some started off white, some cream and some other light colours, they have all taken the dye in different ways, an effect I was hoping for. Here are some of the basic fairy costumes. This is mine, with a charity shop flouncy skirt and a top made from calico.

Anne Marie has a linen charity shop skirt with added broderie anglaise frill and a charity shop top with added calico leaves.

Mary M has a muslin skirt with another charity shop top with added frill.Amanda has a charity shop linen skirt and a charity shop nightie which has been pulled up in rouches here and there.
Kate has two skirts - a poly one which has hardly taken the dye at all, with a muslin rouched over-skirt which I forgot to photograph - and then a charity shop top. The last fairy, Mary G., took her costume home at the end of May to shorten the skirt, and I haven't seen it since! (No pressure, Mary, but get a wriggle on as we need it for August!) Oberon and Titania's costumes are made but not dyed, and Puck's is in assembly. Hooray! The end is in sight!


Contented Caroline said...

Wow, Lynda - the fairies will look great. You've done a good job with the dying - they all look cohesive anyway.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks fab! So glad the big plan is coming together!

Chris Hill said...

These look fab! What a great start. Its all going to be easy from here. I'm on costume from next week. Cx

Chloe Anderson said...

these group costumes are so fab!