Sunday, 18 March 2012

Couldn't resist

I really should be layering up my MAM quilt - the backing and wadding are all cut and ready - but these Japanese X + scrappy blocks are addictive!  
 I ahve done 12 now, and am working my way through my 2" and 3.5" scraps.  I have to confess that with the corner triangles, and the fact that I have cut on-point squares from my charm squares to give some diagonal designs resulting in lots of bias edges, some of the blocks aren't quite 8".  Oh well, I'm not going to be exhibiting my quilt in the Japan Quilt Festival, so a bit of fudging will make everything OK! 

It's Mothers' Day here in England, so I have been having a lazy day.  DS and I went out to a tabletop sale, and I treated myself to this gorgeous blue and white dish.   I'm a sucker for blue and white, and the design on this one reminded my of the printed panels which are in old quilts of the early 19th century.

This is a panel from 1810, and the arrangement and flower styles are very similar.  Don't think I'm under any illusion that the dish is particularly old or valuable (it says 'Semi Nankeen Ware' on the back) but for £6 I've already had my money's worth in the pleasure it's given me. 
Happy Mothers' Day to all, mothers or not!

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black bear cabin said...

Happy Mothers Day!!! i love that blue and white platter! i received the pattern in the looks fun, cant wait to try it! Thanks again for sending it! hugs and happy day! :)