Thursday, 29 March 2012

Leopards and spots

I am supposed to be finishing quilts this year, not starting them, but can a leopard change its spots?  No, and I am still not the master of patience!  I see a new idea and just have to have a go!  So here are my Japanese X + scrappy blocks all done!
 The top three rows are joined together, and really intertwine nicely.  I'll try and get the others joined together later today, if I'm not distracted.  And it's likely I will be distracted, as I've started another Rebecca Collins scrappy triangle quilt!  My challenge group are making scrap quilts this year (not really a challenge for me, but definitely a step onto the wild side for some people!) and this is the next one.
We started off with 24 light 9" squares and 24 dark.  These were cut in half diagonally, and the resultant 96 triangles were swapped in the group.  So each person will have a similar fabric collection, and the quilts will be - well, we'll wait and see!  I have decided to make my blocks into these pinwheels. It was a bit challenging to work out the precise arrangement of components, but after a bit of reverse sewing, I got there, and am pleased with the way the blocks are looking.  Four big blocks are done, and there will be eight more to do.  Now, shall I finish my Japanese X blocks or make some more pinwheels?  Decisions, decisions!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I love your scrappy lady of the lake-esk blocks...beautiful!