Friday, 29 June 2012

Another top!

I have finally finished my medallion quilt, and am very pleased with it.  The red triangle border was fine, although I struggled a bit with the corners.  I didn't need to triangles to be exactly the right measurement, but wasn't sure what to do to make the turn.  I'm happy with the solid (ish) corner squares and a few chopped off triangles. 
DD said how clever I was to choose a border fabric with brown in it, so the brown bird wasn't left looking a bit odd.   Sorry, I'm not as clever as that, or maybe I have an instinctive colour sense.

Or maybe I don't.  I took a colour challenge at this site and was disappointed to find that while my colour sense is better than average, it's not that much better!  How will you do?


Amanda said...

That border fabric does go well!

Great test too! I scored 10 which was within the perfect colour acuity range. What ever that means. Still doesn't mean I can put the right combinations together though!! lol.

Andrea Louise said...

Beutiful top!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I scored 11...I'm so pleased! :o) R got 19! I'm feeling smug!