Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's Challenge 12 - but I'm a bit busy!

I am really pleased that I signed up for Judy's UFO Challenge, as so far there are five quilts finished which almost certainly wouldn't be!  I'm determined to keep up with it, so eagerly visited her site to see what this month's UFO would be.

It's number 12, my Crumb Quilt, which is still short some blocks.  I love Mile a Minute blocks, and would normally dive into this with gusto, but I'm a bit busy with something else.  Not really linked with my purchase of Gwen Marston's medallion quilts book - I'd buy anything written by Gwen, sight unseen! - I've started to put my applique of flowerpot with bird into a medallion. 

The next round will be a narrow red border, and then I'm hoping to use up some of my orphan hourglass blocks (with appropriate additions) to make the next border.  After that, who knows!

I originally made the applique as a class sample, but have had another thought.  I have designed this simpler basket of flowers, in case anyone wants to do something really easy.  There are no points or tricky shapes in this, just gentle curves.  I'll leave it up to the individuals which one they'd rather do.  Right, back to the sewing machine!

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loulee said...

Oh dear Lynda. This is not good, you've made it all the way to June before you let things go!! Surely you can manage to do a little something to the UFO, then at least you can say you tried.