Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Some sewing

Although I didn't get much sewing done last week, as DH had taken the week off and wanted to make the best of his time away from work, I have done some this week.  I've managed to get the Crumb-along blocks together, and I think they look fabulous!

The addition of the blue heart, flying geese and star blocks, not to mention the four and nine patches, really give the quilt lots of oomph - besides being really fun to make.

I also couldn't resist putting some love into it!  Originally I had planned to put a narrow blue border then more scrappy blocks, with stars in each corner, but in the event decided that enough was enough, and it would be a devil to quilt as it was, never mind if it had extra borders!

 So I just added one blue border and now it's a finished top!  Hooray!  Now I need to get some backing and wadding, and then I can get it finished.  So then my conscience was clear enough for me to continue to work on my medallion quilt. 

Sawtooth borders (a la Gwen Marston's method) have been completed for top and bottom, and will be made for the sides.  Then, decisions, decisions, what next?!


Amanda said...

What a lovely, happy pair of quilts!!

(Finally managed to work out what on earth your comments security was trying to tell me! Took 5 goes though).

Teje said...

Hi Lynda! Your heart quilt is so wonderful! I love quilts with lots of colours and lots of things!
Can I see somewhere your 'Woof' quilt? x Teje

Andrea said...

I love,love,love that crumb quilt xx

Sue said...

I love the crumb quilt too. Good job!

Clare said...

Lovely lovely quilt. Can you PM me please.