Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I think I've been bitting and bobbing because I'm bored.  Lots of things to do, but nothing which has really fired me up.  So I looked on www.15minutesplay.com hoping that Victoria would have something to rescue me from the doldrums.  There is lots of inspiration on her site, and I decided to take her colour challenge, as I'm always looking to improve my use of colour.  I started on Week 1 of the challenge, which is mauve.  The first thing to do is to find a piece of mauve fabric in your stash.  Here it is.

Then find some more mauve fabrics.  Easy peasy!  I included one with turquoise, yellow and mauve stripes to add a little contrast.

 Then use those fabrics to make some new mauve fabric.  For someone who loves Mile a Minute, this was heaven!
 Cut a square from the made fabric and cut that on the diagonal.  (Put the leftovers into the scraps drawer for future fun.) 

Use neutral fabric to made hsts and a new block, using the first fabric I chose for part of it.  Detailed instructions for sizes are on Victoria's site.

 Tah dah!
And here is the next block - ochre!  Onward and upward!

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