Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mauve, ochre, avacado, peach and bright yellow

Hooray!  I'm inspired!  After the mauve block, I continued with ochre, avacado and peach. 
 The peach was hard, as I hate peach, and have next to nothing in that colour in my stash.  However, a bit of rummaging in the pink drawer and the brown box, and I found some pieces of fabric which fitted in fine.  I started to use white for the background colour (don't ask me why, as I rarely use white: maybe it was because I had a big piece of it in the box!) but I think it's too stark.  For the rest of the blocks, I've used different creams, which is working out to be much better.  I'll either unpick the mauve one or tea dye it.  (And I know which of these two is more likely!)

And I even continued with bright yellow.  Perhaps it was a bit late by that time, as the pieces had chance to rearrange themselves while I wasn't looking!  Never mind; a bit of unsewing will sort that out.  Now to look for orange!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

What great blocks...definitely a good use for the all-one-colour mile a minute blocks! :o)