Friday, 31 August 2012

On track (sort of)

It's the end of August, and my UFO challenge quilt is all done!  I can hardly believe that I have managed to keep on track with this challenge for eight months - that's a whopping eight UFOs out of the drawer!  This one will go for Project Linus (hence the tractor border) and I hope it'll be well loved!

What I haven't been on track with is some other things.  Last year my challenge group made blocks from Lynne Edwards' sampler quilt book, and mine are still not finished.  I decided to make a kind of homage to the Sundial Quilt in the Victoria and Albert Museum, so did four of every block, and a central sundial.  I kept to reproduction colours, blue, brown, pink and cream.  The centre is together (I'm adding the borders 'quilt as you go') and I need to get on with the quilting.  The problem is that the blocks are so different, and need to be quilted individually, lots of them by hand.

I have quilted all four clamshell blocks,

and all four Celtic Knots,
 not to mention the centre, so that's nine blocks quilted.

Nine out of a total of 49 blocks, plus four corners.  Better get quilting!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh Lynda..I can't wait to see your challenge quilt in looks stunning!

Dawn said...

Adorable UFO, I love the tractor border :)