Friday, 21 December 2012

Another UFO bites the dust (well, nearly)

I was looking at my list of UFOs the other day, and while the UFO Challenge has helped me deal with quite a few, there are still some on the list.  My Orca Bay is waiting for a border decision, and a top I made ages ago (ages as in years, not months!) is waiting to be wadded up, plus my Challenge Sampler was still waiting to have the quilting finished.  I pulled my finger out, and not only got the quilting done, but have now attached the borders!
Here it is hanging on my wardrobe.  Everyone else who took this challenge finished their quilt some time ago, but then they didn't choose to make all their blocks smaller and do four of each! 

Here is the back - a gorgeous reproduction pillar print I picked up in a sale.  Ideal!  I'm keen to quilt the borders and finish this quilt, as I want to use it on our bed, but I haven't got any thread the right colour.  I'm not sure I can fit in a trip to the quilt shop this close to Christmas - but then, maybe I can!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Congratulations!!!! It looks great!!

Contented Caroline said...

Wow, that is stunning. Get down to that quilt shop and finish it off quick while you're still inspired.

Sheilaf said...

Looks great. Thanks for all your post through the year
Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas
Sheila (Florida)