Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thanks, Bonnie

I've been in the 'quilting doldrums' lately (as could probably be infered from my lack of blogging!)  Not that I haven't been busy, here I am delivering Linus quilts to Rosemary who works with children with life-limiting conditions.  This was a request from a little girl who's three and a half, is frightened of being in her own bed at night and loves 'Hello Kitty'.  Rosemary is hoping that the quilt will encourage her to stay put at night (and so are her parents!)
I've also made quite a few Linus quilts, and here is a granny squares one I'm currently making.  I'm just going to sash it with white and put a blue border.  I think it'll look gorgeous for a baby.  But then, Nik kindly alerted me to the fact that Bonnie Hunter has started her new mystery quilt - Easy Street.  How did I miss that?!

Lucky for me that I have an extensive stash, and a few minutes rummaging produced enough grey fabric and black on white fabric to make a start.

29 four-patches already done, so only 163 to go!  That'll pull me out of the doldrums!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

That Hello Kitty quilt is fab and I love the granny's you are working on...I never seem to get tired of that pattern and every quilt that is made with it seems to be my favourite!

Nik said...

I knew you wouldn't be able to resist Bonnie..... catch up!!

Liz said...

Does the size of your stash come close to Nik's? Having serious stash envy over here. Hope Hello Kitty is well received and does the trick.

Contented Caroline said...

Fabulous Linda - the blue and white quilt is going to be stunning x