Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hopeless case!

My new year's resolution has bit the dust.  For someone with the attention span of a goldfish, there is no way I can stop myself from starting new projects.  I love the excitement of putting fabrics together and making something new, so why did I think I could ration myself?  I will pledge to finish all the UFOs I agreed to this year, but I can't wait to start something when I've been inspired! 
Here is my Home and Garden block for this month.  I've nearly finished quilting it.  I pieced it and needle turned it, rather than using Bondaweb, because that's what I like doing.  (The fence was Bondawebbed, because I couldn't think of a better way of doing it!)  I'm allowed to do this, as it's not a new project.
Here is my Challenge Group house (chosen by dice!) now complete.  Well, not complete, because I don't like the doorstep - it's too dark (and not central) so I'll replace it.  But although it's a bit 'in your face' I really like it.

And this is what I've been tempted into making.  I found it on Sujata's blog and fell for it.  Lots of 1.5" scraps used, so what's not to like?   It looks a bit wonky, but I must reassure you that it's perfectly straight (!!), just the optical illusion of dark and light strips make it look unbalanced.  Well, if you believe that .......


sewkalico said...

You're forgiven! I like your new project!!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I love the shadows on the dormers on your yellow house...fantastic!

Also what an illusion with the light and dark blocks looking skewed...I didn't see that at all yesterday when I saw them in person.