Sunday, 24 February 2013

Guilt-free sewing

Since I'm trying not to start new projects and feel (very slightly!) guilty when I sew on them, I've had a fun time sewing things which aren't new quilts!  Our local group is planning to go into schools and do some sewing with the 11 year olds, and this is the design we've chosen.  It was on a 'Quiltmaker' site called LRN2QLT, and the good thing about this star is that it can't lose its points! 
We will offer the block to make a bag or a cushion, and let the children choose which one they like.  We bid for some money from Waitrose and are using it to buy fabric and supplies for this project.  Thank you very much, Waitrose!

And then I've been making this woven ribbon block, which was great fun.  I have to make 4 and then pass them over to Liz, who will make them up into a charity quilt.  Lots of new sewing, but no new quilts. Hooray!


Liz said...

So glad I have given you a reason for some guilt free sewing, love the block.

Ali H said...

Hope all goes well with the kid's project - never too soon to get them hooked on crafting !! Hope all well with you all ? take Care Ali xx