Saturday, 23 March 2013

A little sewing

I have done a little sewing this week.  I had a request from Rosemary who works for the Diana Project for Children with Life-limiting Conditions for a Mickey Mouse quilt for a little boy who's very poorly, in and out of hospital and loves Mickey!  I didn't have any suitable fabric, but managed to get this lovely panel off the internet, and it was all quilted and bound in record time. As you can see, the weather was cold and blustery, and we had to hang on to the quilt to stop it sailing away!
Today I went to Rocheberie Quilters and saw Liz demonstrating this clever item.

As my DS said, 'Is it supposed to be that shape?'  Yes it is, because it's a bowl holder to heat things up in the microwave.

You put the bowl of soup/porridge/whatever in the middle of the holder, put in the microwave, and then you can just pick up the corners of the holder to lift the bowl out!  No more slopped contents or burned fingers!  I think I'll just go and make another!


Liz said...

That was quick Lynda!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I see you didn't waste your day :o) Neither did I ...I came home after Rocheberie and got another quilt quilted with feathers!! Surprise surprise!!