Saturday, 16 March 2013

International Quilting Day!

I don't suppose that International Quilting Day figures on most people's calendars - I notice that Google have missed a trick by not designing a special logo for it! - but I was glad to be able to mark it!  Liz had organised an exhibition of quilts in Saint Andrew's Church in Rugby, and there was to be sewing today!  Here I am with Muriel, Chris and Carole (Liz is behind the camera) working on my hexagons.  You can see some of Liz's beautiful work in the background.  It was lovely to be able to sew , chat and catch up with friends.
Then home, and since it's a miserable wet day, finished machine quilting this UFO.  It was a set of delectable mountains which I had started for a border, and then discarded.  I joined the mauntains up and then spent ages trying to think what to do to make it up to a sensible size - Seminole strips, piano keys, sawtooths? - until I had my Eureka! moment, and thought KISS!  Keep It Simple, Stupid!  Just whack a border on it!
  Luckily I had some football boot fabric which sort of went, so there it is - all ready for the binding!  I've cut some red binding, which I think will finish it off.  Some football-mad boy will (hopefully) love it!

So while I was in the quilting mood, I got out this quilt which Andrea had layered and started to quilt for Project Linus.  I don't know why she gave up, but it was easy to finish it off.  The fabrics are gorgeous, and some blue binding will complete it.

I hope your International Quilting Day has been equally productive and enjoyable!


Liz said...

Thank you for comming. It was good to see you all together and the football quilt is great.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sorry I couldn't join you, but I was something equally as quilty in nature. Love the football quilt!!