Sunday, 28 April 2013

Just playing

I never tire of making Mile a Minute blocks.  The pleasure of using up scraps and oddments which others have scorned never diminishes, and the way the colours go together, or clash together, is the source of endless fascination for me.  So, I have a lot of blocks which I usually cut into 6.5" squares.
I took a pile of these, and then with some yellow solid, cut some of the squares into 4" squares and made them into half square triangles.  The good thing about workig with MAM blocks, is that any offcuts can simply be sewn together and used to make more blocks! 

Then the triangles and big squares went together to make stars!  I have to admit that this idea was inspired by Victoria Findlay Wolfe's book '15 Minutes of Play' and it was quick and easy!

Once the star was together, I made four more and arranged them on point.  On point arrangements always have lots of movement and life in them.  (The reason the bottom right corner looks a bit odd is that the middle section has been joined together, so is smaller than the other unjoined rows!)

And last, a sassy border to add pizzaz and use up more MAM blocks!

I really like this quilt, and after it's been quilted will bind it in yellow.  Pure bottled sunshine and good fun!


sewkalico said...

Wow! So clever and it looks amazing!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh wow...this looks amazing...Just the sort of thing that Victoria would be proud of!