Friday, 19 April 2013

Still sewing

Since we came back from Berlin, I have been very busy.  Not just with the washing and sorting out which always follows time away, but with other things too.  First of all we spent a couple of (exhausting) days helping DD and fiance move house.  They had underestimated how long it would take them to pack up their stuff and move it to a new second floor flat - yes, two flights of stairs! - and it was a bit stressful as the deadline for handing over the keys to the new tenants of their old property loomed.  Well, we made it and they're they're now happily sitting surrounded by boxes in their new place!  We hope they'll be very happy there!
I did mange to do some sewing for me, and have put the first border on my Challenge Group quilt.  We're deciding what to do by throwing dice and then using the number to refer to a prewritten list of possible techniques.  This time's number was 2 and the corresponding technique was 'Log Cabin'.  It didn't take me long to find some log cabin blocks I'd already made and use them to frame my wonky house.  I put Courthouse Steps in two corners, which continues the log cabin theme.
Then, after some comments by DH I went into the garage where a lot of my Linus fabric is stored and spent some time tidying up.  Over the winter, it's been too cold to want to spend much time in there, and lots of things have just been dumped in front of the shelves, which hasn't made it easy (well, possible) to put things away properly.  I found this large box full of scraps which had been donated to Linus, brought it inside, fetched my rotary cutter and set to work.  Anything which was poly or curtaining went into a charity shop bag, any decent sized pieces went into colour-coded piles, and any small scraps or strips were cut into useable sizes and stored appropriately.  My hand was beginning to blister when I'd cut it all, but at least it's now all available for use!  Anyone want any fabrics to make a Linus quilt?  Just let me know!

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sewkalico said...

The log cabin border looks excellent around your lovely house block.