Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A puzzle

I've successfully completed all the blocks I'm making for Celtic Solstice.  Twenty five blocks will make a great design and with borders will make a reasonable sized quilt which go under my machine satisfactorily to be quilted.  I love the blocks, although I have pieced two of them incorrectly - can you see on the left hand side two pinwheel blocks with the chevrons going the wrong way?  How did that happen?  (Quite easily, I'd say!) 
Then I had another look at Bonnie's quilt, and discovered that in fact, the two 'wrong' blocks were actually 'right' and all the others are wrong!  How did I manage to go off target like that?  Oh well, I'm certainly not unpicking them all, so it will have to be Celtic Solstice - Variation.  I'm sure Bonnie won't mind!

I had been given a whole load of Mile a Minute blocks by someone who said she'd got fed up with making them.  How can that happen?  Well, looking at them, I can see how.  There isn't really enough variation in the fabric colours, and the strips are all straight, so make for a block which lacks dynamic.  What to do?  (Can't possibly waste them!) 

I cut them in half diagonally in pairs, and then joined opposite shapes.  That's a bit better!

Here they are laid out and apart from the fact that too many of them have the black and white spotty fabric, that's much better.  Now, what shall I make?


Liz said...

Hi Lynda how about unpicking two more blocks and making them correct, putting them in the even rows leaving 9 incorrect blocks in the odd rows.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I would just fix the two odd ones...I like your design much better...they look like stars! :o)