Friday, 28 February 2014


I've been sewing, but it all seems to have been bits and bobs.  Yesterday I concentrated on getting my Celtic Solstice bordered.  I wasn't sure how many of the orange triangles I needed, as I had done my own size, but only had to make about a dozen extra.

The photo makes it look a bit dreary, but it looks good 'in the flesh'.  I couldn't do any more, as I don't have any green fabric suitable for the border.  Well, I'm sure I have something exactly the right colour, but never enough yardage!
So then I did some quilting on this quilt for the expected twins.  I just did diagonal lines, to emphasise the design.  I needed some pale yellow thread to do the border, and only had bright yellow, which would have overpowered it, so had to leave that for the moment.

I have an on-going fascination with Mile a Minute, so then rummaged in my scrap drawer and had fun making fabric.  On the left hand block you can see part of one of the leftover 'square in the corner' blocks from my Celtic Solstice.  There's always a place for orphans!

Then time to relax in front of the tv.  I can't just sit there, so I sewed most of the binding of the other twinbaby's quilt.  It's really not so drab, I'll try for a better photo when the sun comes out again.
So, what shall I do today?


loulee said...

Very productive. All looking good. Makes me want to join in. Hurry up container!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Haven't you been busy! I love the quilts for the twins...very sweet!