Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lucky babies

Lots of layering and quilting has been going on here, and now my quilts for the twinbabies are finished.  I took advantage of the sunshine to get some decent photos, so here is number one,
Scrappy Trip,
and here is the second quilt, a Pam Rocco design.  They were made from the same basic set of fabrics, and have the same backing, but are individuals, as I'm sure the twins will be. 

And here is another baby quilt, top made by DS when he was 'resting' earlier this year, and quilted by me.  This baby, Eva, is already here, so it will need to go off soon.  Her mum (also in the theatre) was working recently on a play with 'stars' in the title, hence the design.

And I'm determined to use up fabric, so pieced the back quite successfully.

Just got the rest of the binding to sew, and a label to put on, and it'll be zooming off!

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Liz said...

Lovely finishes, lucky babies.