Monday, 31 March 2014


I had been wandering the web and came across Pi Day.  If you think back to your maths classes, you'll remember pi, which comes out as 3.14.  In the USA, where they can't write dates properly, this translates into the 14th of March and some people do things pie and circle related.  I missed the actual day, but I've been playing with circles for a while recently, and thought that using up some of the Linus scrap drawer (which is particularly full at the moment) to make a fabric pie in pi's honour would be a plan.  I only had a Dresden plate ruler, which was 15 degrees (that makes 24 segments) so wasn't keen to use that - too much like hard work!  I decided that a 30 degree shape would be good, then I would have 12 segments, which I felt was just enough.  I dug out my trusty geometry set and a piece of cardboard, and made myself a 30 degree wedge ruler.  (Incidentally, I have since searched for a similar one online, and can't find one.  Is there a gap in the market for this size?)
Here is my version, complete with bit missing (I must have used the cardboard for a circle previously!)    

And here is the block I made from some MAM blocks I had handy.  Horrible.  Not only is the design obscured by the scrappiness of the blocks, but the wedges don't meet properly in the middle.  Ugh!

Mark 2.  This time I cut a little bit off the bottom of the wedge so that there would be a hole in the middle (much better to applique a centre than have a mismatch) and used fabric made from strips to cut the wedges from.  Much better all round!  This one measures a whopping 15" so I decided this could be my central block, and smaller ones could go round it.

Here is the first of the smaller ones.  Looking good.
And here are the first five arranged on a scrappy background.  I'm appliqueing them on, and then will add some more circles (or maybe other shapes?) as the design dictates. 


Ellen Thompson said...

Lynda, EZ makes a 30 degree ruler.

Ellen Thompson said...

EZ makes a 30 degree ruler.

Ellen Thompson said...

Lynda, EZ makes a 30 degree ruler.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks great!! Interesting that it worked better with a little order in the scraps rather than complete randomness.

P.S. I'm free next week if you fancy meeting up... :o)

audrey said...

Very fun! I have a hard time with uncontrolled scraps myself--helps to have a little order.:)

Millie said...

... in the USA where they can't write dates properly... ROFLMAO!! Too funny. We here across the pond might say it's the other way around!