Saturday, 21 January 2017

Not much progress

I haven't had much chance to do much patchwork this week, as its panto week!  This means being out every night except Tuesday (phew!), spending time going back to the costume hire and finding alternative costumes, altering costumes, repairing costumes and making a new outfit for one character - due to no fault of my own, and just what I could have done without on dress rehearsal day!  Oh well, at least I'm pretty much done now.  Except for helping the principal girl and dame get their walk down costumes on, and more repairs, things have calmed down.  

Here is a cast photo with the director and producer in the middle.  There were 37 costumes in all, which is a lot to source.  I haven't made many of them, but the coordination has been a headache at times! 

But of course I've managed to squeeze in a little patchwork.  I have put my Rocheberie BOM blocks together.  I need to finish off the hearts for the corners, then I'll decide whether it needs a border or not. 

Plus, I've been putting this Linus En Provence together.  The individual components were made by various people, but I think it'll look great when it's completed. 
Two more panto shows today, then it's back to normal, whatever that may be! 

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