Sunday, 8 January 2017

Ooh la la!

I found out (rather late) that Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt had been revealed!  If you look on you can see it for yourself.  She showed the last step and the finished quilt on New Year's Day, when I wasn't expecting it!  The quilt is gorgeous, and I love the way the design 'floats' on a border of neutrals.  Lovely.  

So here is block number one and sashing section one.  The sashing sections come together to make magenta stars, which float across the quilt and all round it.  This will be another stunning quilt. 

I've also been continuing with finishes.  Here is my challenge group quilt completed.  A bit of a departure for me, but I like it.  I quilted in the ditch round all the coloured rectangles, then just meandered all over the white.  The green stripe is perfect for the binding. 
Back to 'En Provence'! 

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Ellen Thompson said...

I enjoy your comments very much. I think our attitudes toward quilting are similar: enjoy, enjoy!