Sunday, 5 February 2017

Up to date!

We are going on holiday soon, and I like to be ahead of the game, so I've been beavering away at my to do list recently.  I don't cope well under pressure, and want to have various March commitments ready to go once we return.  First is my Rocheberie BOM. 

I decided not to border.  I don't need (or want) any more big quilts, plus, I didn't want to quilt another big quilt, when it looks perfectly fine as it is.  So, I quilted in the ditch round the blocks and then I machine quilted hearts in the setting triangles and round the appliqué.  I'm binding it in white, which isn't showing up much in the photo, but really finishes it off well.

Then yesterday I went to the Piecemakers Sit and Sew.  Apart from great company and a lot of laughter, I managed to put the last two borders on my En Provence.  Those neutral fourpatches are quite tedious, but worth it in the end, as I love the way the design floats on them.  This is roughly half the size of Bonnie's, and perfectly big enough for me!  I'll probably quilt it in a meander, as in the ditch would be a killer!  

So now, I should start on this month's UFO challenge, number 8.  Here are my Barbara Brackman 'Strars in a Timewarp' which I made for a one block quilt.  They need bigging up, but at the moment I'm not sure where to do with them.  A neutral frame first, I think, then some more head scratching!  

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