Sunday, 9 December 2007

Another Christmas card (and hanging)

I have made one more Christmas card, this time for my DS. I have used a house block I made up with pictures of him and his house mates in the windows - well, one of them is him (the male one) and the three young ladies he shares with will have to fight over who is the angel, who is singing and who has a very fetching hat! I originally made a wreath on the front door with leaf shaped sequins, but eventually decided that French knots were the preferred option. At least it's the kind of thing which could be displayed all winter. Hope he likes it.

I seem to have gone a bit house-crazy (what would Freud have to say about that?) and houses are my theme for the Winter Class I took with Tonya. We had to start by thinking what Christmas meant to us, and to me, the feeling of togetherness and bonhomie when friends (old and new) and family get together is the best part of the celebrations. So I decided to make houses, with all kinds of people (and creatures!) peeping out of the windows, and a space underneath for all the people who visit us over Christmas to sign their names. That way, it will be a real record of the best part of Christmas for me. I made the letters using Tonya's clever improvisational method, and changed the saying to 'people' rather than 'men' as we have a feminist in the house, (my DD). I really have more hand quilting to do, but need to hang this up on the dining room wall ready for people to sign.

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joyce said...

I love both wall hangings and I agree with your DD. That Goodwill only to all Men has always annoyed me. People would be a lot more work to piece though. Lol.