Friday, 14 December 2007

Bellydance Superstars, be very afraid.

This week I have danced (and drummed) in two local haflas. (A hafla is a performance party - think of a cabaret evening with bring your own picnic, and you'll get the idea.) These haflas were in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care and raised £1033.94 for this very worthy cause, as well as giving lots of people a great evening out, dancing, eating, drinking, and then joining in the arabic disco at the end of the evening.

I made sure I was on the second row, behind Tracey, so that I could follow her if my mind went blank or I fell over my own feet, but didn't realise that I was standing in a black spot, which has made the photos difficult to see. Never mind. At least you can't really see the look of blind panic on my face! I tried to smile, but when you're doing your best to co-ordinate hands, arms, chest, hips and feet, and keep in time with the music, your facial muscles are the least of your concerns.

People always think that you have to show lots of flesh if you're doing belly dancing. I suppose if you want to make a career of it, it attracts the crowds, but at hobby level, anything goes. You can see here that people are wearing a variety of different costumes, with various amounts of flesh on show. The one thing they have in common is the wearing of a coin belt - shaking your hips is so satisfying when they jingle!

We were all supposed to be doing the same choreography, but this photo looks as if it's a bit of an improv session. I think we've just turned right round, and some people are quicker into position than others.

Belly dancing is great fun, and I would recommend it to anyone, whatever shape, size or age. It's done to music, is great exercise, like quilting it's effectively a ladies-only hobby, with all the benefits that being in a sisterhood brings, and gives you an opportunity to dress sparkly and jingly and reveal your inner goddess! It's also a fantastic conversational gambit which you can use to great effect at parties - it ensures people always remember you!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

woohoo look at you go!! fantastic Lynda!! Thanks for sharing...I've heard you talk about it, but couldn't visualize it. Now I shall think of you as the jingling quilting goddess! :o)

joyce said...

A friend of mine took a belly dancing class and loved it. I doubt if there is anything like that available around here. Looks like lots of fun and I love the costumes!