Thursday, 20 December 2007

Postal goodies

Although we in England have quite a few good quilt shops, we don't always get the range of fabrics which our friends over The Pond enjoy. I am a fan of Michael Miller fabrics, and they are not easy to get hold of. My Dysfunctional Family fabric was bought over here, but the shop owner told me that it nearly didn't make it onto the shelves, as her wholesaler had assumed it had come over by mistake, and nearly sent it back! Luckily she was on the ball, and had chased the order just in time, to be told, 'It's so wierd, I couldn't imagine anyone wanted it!' I know many people buy hard-to-find fabrics on the net, but I've previously fought shy of it, being concerned about tax and postage costs.
However, my friend Chris has recently alerted me to a wonderful place to buy fabrics, where the range of fabrics and service is excellent, and the postage costs minimal. It's They have an extensive selction of fabrics for about $8 a yard, and with the weak dollar that means about £4 a yard! I am particulary interested in Victorian reproduction fabrics (another group of designs which don't seem to make over here) so bought 5 yards of fabric, which with postage, cost me only £25.64 and arrived after only 11 days from my order! I could have bought another yard of fabric for the same postage cost of $11, but didn't want to strain the credit card bill too much at this time of year!

Here are my goodies, all reproduction fabrics to add to my stash. Carly at Webfabrics sent me a little extra, a piece of sunflower fabric with a lovely little gift tag saying 'Happy Sewing'. The tag was made from fabric Heat and Bonded on to card - now there's an idea!

Of course, I couldn't resist something to add to my novelty fabrics collection. Here is 'Daily Grind'.If you look at Webfabrics' site, be aware that fabric is by the yard (not metre) and priced in half yards or sometimes fat quarters. If you're a cheapskate like me, scroll down to the weekly specials, where fabric is even cheaper! Happy surfing!

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