Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Bored now

It's no good - a leopard can never change its spots. I am not a master of patience, and I can't do just one (or even two) projects at a time. I have done one more block for my BMF quilt, but it was a real effort. Only one more to go, but I just had to do something different before I fell asleep in front of my sewing machine. So here are the fruits of my happy morning.

Twelve Crumb Chaos blocks and one wonky house.

Tonya alerted me to the fact that Bonnie from Quiltville is moving house, and that it might be nice to send her a house block to celebrate. Since I have used one of Bonnie's patterns in the past (and may well do in the future) I thought I would make one. Tonya suggested that using red as a background would unify the blocks - after all, red is a neutral, isn't it? I'll put a few Crumb blocks in the envelope as well - a different fabric selection always enhances a scrap quilt.

Now I'm feeling better, I might be able to do the last purple block - or maybe I'll have a look in my UFO box for more diversions!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Stay focused can do it!!

Ok who I'm I kidding...I'm fluttering from project to project at the moment too! Must be the weather!! ;o)

Nice house the red...won't it be interesting to see what Bonnie does with them all!

Elaine Adair said...

Ability to focus IS a strength - I've tried a timer set for xxx minutes. Helps me! Other days, I don't even MOVE from the machine after 2-3 hours straight sewing. You can do it! But, let's face it, we women ARE that way. LOL

Thanks for the reminder about the house block. THAT idea left my feeble brain 7 seconds after I decided to do it. Hey, we gals have to stick together!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I recently reread Nancy Crow's newest book and she described the HUGE sewing studio she has with the massive design walls that she can put all her ongoing projects onto. She works on three at once. See, everybody does it. I just wish we all had those amazing design walls.

thanks so much for making Bonnie a house and wheee, gorgeous crumb blocks.

you know, maybe you need to do more quilts that are a mix of different blocks. like mixing house blocks up with crumbs. I think that would look incredibly cool.

Clare said...

When I started quilting I promised myself I would see a project through from start to finish. That lasted for about 2 years, then I started getting bored. Provided they get finished in the end (ok well sometime) I don't think it matters. OK OK I've just called a halt to my crumb blocks quilt to do Bonnie's house and then I'll just have to make up some crumbs for her and then finished that other quilt and then and then and then and then ROTFLOL!

Lovely house.

Clare said...
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Pam said...

What's this about a purple block? Great house block, and of course, the crumb chaos blocks. I love to make those. They are addictive. I work at a job where my co-worker and I can never focus on any one thing too long because there are so many interruptions all day long. We figured out how to deal with it, and just push forward every day. Some days we make more progress than others!