Monday, 4 February 2008

Sofa quilt 2

I have just finished machine-quilting the Crumb Chaos sofa quilt for DD. It's about 66" square, and I wasn't looking forward to layering it up ready to quilt. For the first time I used Sharon Schamer's method of using two pieces of wood! This has to be the best way of layering a quilt, as I could do it all without crawling on the floor at all - it's all done on my dining room table, with me sitting at my ease on a chair. Basically you wind the backing and top onto two pieces of wood, and then unroll them, a little at a time, with the wadding inbetween. Then you either tack, pin or staple the layers together, whatever method you prefer. It's so easy to get everything flat, and since you're only doing 8" or 10" at a time, you can control all three quilt components.

Here's a photo of a Linus quilt being layered by the same method, but have a look at Sharon's tutorial. I can guarantee you'll find it very easy to get fantastic results.
Since this quilt will get sat on a lot, I wanted to quilt it all over, and spent a while considering different pattern possibilities. I liked the Swiss roll design I did on the last sofa quilt, but fancied something different.
Quiltmaker magazine always has lots of suggestions for how to quilt the patterns they give, so I looked in the latest edition for inspiration. I found this lovely scalloped teardrop, which I thought would work well, so went for it!

The instructions suggest you sew it in lots of different directions to add interest, but when I tried it, I only got completely confused and couldn't work out where I'd quilted and where I hadn't, so I just did rough rows. My teardrops ended up a bit pointy, but I thought they looked good.

You can't really see the shapes on the backing, but you can see it's pretty flat. DD was delighted with the quilt, and immediately snuggled under it. She especially liked the quilting, and said, 'The quilting's fantastic! Did you choose that vagina shape specially for me?" I hadn't spotted it before, but I suppose there's a slight resemblance, although mine doesn't have the attractive scallops round it - or at least, it didn't the last time I looked! Excuse me, I'm just going to find a mirror!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

ROFLOL...oh Lynda..the things you make me wonder!!!
Great quilting just the same..flower or otherwise ;o)

Joyce said...

Hilarious. I'm sure many quilters are busy with their mirrors. Lol.

Elaine Adair said...

Great quilt but ....? hoot, hoot!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

beautiful! the quilt came out fabulously. I'd hang it on a wall happily as art. bet it's wonderful to snuggle under and look at all the different fabrics. and check out the suggestive quilting pattern - thanks for the laugh.

loulee1 said...

ROTF!! Snort! OMG!

Sorry, thats all I can manage.

blackbearcabin said...

i love it!

i had trouble navigating sharon's site to find that tutorial you referred looks like a great way to baste a quilt, and id really like to try it...could you help me find it on the site?

p.s. i bet youll never look at that quilt quite the same now :)

Kim said...

Cool beans, Lynda! :O)

katelnorth said...

brilliant. and the quilt is nice too (gotta love that lonni rossi fabric on the back - one of my favourites)

Shelina said...

I am still here reading your old posts and stumbled across your vagina quilting pattern. It is a topic that hasn't been discussed openly, but I often worry that my fabric or quilting might be misrepresented as something sexual. The other day I cut up a circle out of a piece of fabric, and the result was something that could be interpreted in many different ways - is it an eye, is it lips, or something else?, and I decided not to use it. Now I'm afraid to use the fabric at all!

Patti said...

Oh my - thanks for the marvelous chuckle this evening LOL! Love it!!!! Your crumb chaos quilt turned out just marvelously. What a great use for all your scraps. Thanks so much for sharing it!