Sunday, 10 February 2008

Old and new

Tonya has posted a photo taken out of her kitchen window. Poor Tonya will be very jealous when she sees the view out of mine, as all she looks at is the side of a building! (OK, I know you're lucky enough to live in fabulous Paris, Tonya, but you can't have everything your own way!)

As you can see, I'm not much of a gardener, although I have quite a lot of tubs on the patio - which is directly in front of the window and out of shot. Once the spring comes, the leaves hide the house at the bottom of the garden and make it quite private and pleasant. The sun comes round from the side of the garden and sets at the back, so we have a lovely mixture of sunshine and shade in the garden at any one time. Perfect! What do you see out of your kitchen window?

As Project Linus co-ordinator I get a lot of donations. Obvoiously they are mainly quilts, tops or quilt blocks, but sometimes it's sewing related stuff people don't want, which I am able to sell to get money to buy wadding (this is the only thing I rarely get donations of). Recently, someone gave me a box which had belonged to a lady who had died. When I opened the box, it was obviously works in progress.

One project is the inevitable hexagon quilt, with a little bag of hexgons precut from all kinds of fabric (including the dreaded Crimplene!) and the other is Cathedral Window, with two long sections joined up, and lots of fabric cut up and put into little packs with their cardboard templates all ready to go. Supplies are in the tin, along with the instructions for the quilt cut from a magazine. It's somehow sad that all that effort and hard work went into starting something which will never now be finished. I'll take the completed pieces to my local group's sales table and see if someone would like to adopt them. The fabric will go into the Linus boxes. Thankyou, fellow quilter, we're all thinking of you.

My works in progress continue to progress. I've made two more blocks for my Blind Man's Fancy quilt, so only two more to go. Then I will sash them, but I haven't decided what colour to go for. I'm tempted to go for lilac or a pale blue, but then green would look very nice too. What do people think?

I've also been getting on with my applique. Poor DH has a stinking cold, so we haven't been out much this weekend, and while he's been slumped on the settee, I've been plying my needle. So far, so good.


Colleen Eskridge formerly of South Africa said...

Lynda, just catching up on my blog visits. Been traveling from Africa.Yes it is a piece of cake design...I fell in love with it.Did a queen sized one of another in the book.Lovely designs.I usually do hand applique..but this bright one,I wanted to get done just attached fusible interfacing,then machine appliqued onto strips.I did continuous binding for the stems, scratched through friends scraps for all of the fabrics, then stitched together many strips, cut into segments for the other strips in between flower segments, It went pretty quickly. Thanks for visiting my blog.Your blocks look lovely. Will be back again. Colleen

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

yes, I'm very very jealous. lovely view out your window. Continue to love your blocks but would have to see a fabric audition of the potential sashings - I can't do that just in my head...