Saturday, 13 February 2010

One down - four to go!

In my last post I decided to challenge myself to finish five of my current projects by the end of the month. I'm such a dilettante that I have various things on the go all the time (apart from my big box of UFOs, you understand!). Well, so far so good.

This Linus mile a minute is finished now.
I used a fabric with Snoopy playing football as the centres, and I think it's bright and cheerful for a football-loving boy or girl.

I have also been busy putting borders on my purple stars quilt, luckily out of my stash! The purple fabric I bought ages ago in a sale. The lighting was poor in the shop, and I thought it was navy, and perfect for backing a quilt for DS. When I got it home, I found I had bought 5 yards of purple fabric, and it has taken me a while to get through it! (The selvedge has the date 1996 on it - but surely I haven't had it for that long?!)


sewkalico said...

Well done!!! The snoopies are very cute!

Contented Caroline said...

It looks great and really hightlights the gree Inrish chain squares, they look much more vivid now.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I think in every quilter's stash there is one fabric that never seems to disappear no matter how much you cut it up! I have a red paisley that keeps haunting me and I know I bought it in 1996! LOL

Love the Snoopy quilt...that will be perfect for someone.

Gina said...

Great quilts

Love and hugs Gina xx

Janet said...

I love this linus quilt. A great finish.

Shasta said...

You are doing great finishing up your quilts. The mile a minute looks wonderful. Good progress on the stars quilt.