Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Work in progress

I have decided to share the things I'm currently working on - no, not my UFOs, they're still safely in their box! - just the things which I have been stitching on in the last week or so. I like to have different kinds of quilting on the go, in case I fancy something challenging, something mindless or a bit of hand sewing for in front of the tv.

Firstly, of course is the purple stars quilt which isn't any further forward despite my having the border fabrics ready. I need to concentrate to do this, and haven't felt like it!

Sometimes I'm just in the mood for some mindless chain piecing, and since I am such a cheapskate, always have plenty of strips and scraps to use up. These blocks have been enhanced by a LOVE block of free pieced letters in the middle, and are ready for a border.
Here is a Linus mile a minute with Snoopy images for the centres of the blocks, which just needs its binding sewing down and a label. This will be finished today while I'm watching the tv later on.

A few years ago, a lady gave me a lot of hexagons and rosettes her mum had made in the 60s or 70s, and while clearing out, I came across them. Since there were plent of rosettes, I decided to sew them together, and make a pretty Linus quilt. I'm still sewing.

The old quilt which I have decided to finish only needs one more hexagon (which I have made) to be ready for a border. What a lazy girl I am!

Another replica quilt I am unquilting. I machine quilted wineglass shapes without marking them, and they look awful! I am gradually unpicking them, but it's taking a while.
And finally, the lovely house I made at a workshop, which will be made into a 'Welcome' banner.
I really need to finish some of these projects before I start any more. I will challenge myself to finish at least five of them before the end of the month! Too ambitious? We'll see!


Andrea said...

Go for it Lynda - I ama bit the same just now - flitting from one thing to another. I will be happy to finish one some time soon I think. Good luck xxx

loulee said...

You have almost as many WIPs as me! LOL
I recognise some of those fabrics in the mile a minute, it's good to know they are being used up and will be loved.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

you've almost got lots finished. my UFOs aren't nearly that far along. okay, a few are, but I have lots and lots that aren't. fun LOVE crumb quilt! and that will be a great welcome banner.

sewkalico said...

I'm sure you can do it!!

Contented Caroline said...

Crikey mate you have been busy. I spent THE DAY trying to piece a basic basket and could still not get my measurements right. Gave up in the end but will persevere tomorrow!!!
Happy sewing Lynda.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You can do it! Certainly lots to choose from for any mood that might strike you. I must admit I have the same system here...a little hand work and a little machine work going on at all times :o)

Janet said...

Boy have you been busy finishing up. My favorite is the free piecing.