Saturday, 27 February 2010

Never again!

I know it was part of my self-imposed challenge, but these hexagons are driving me bananas! I seem to have spent ages and ages working on them, and still the blinking top doesn't seem big enough to use as a handkerchief!

I'd also forgotten how hexagons make a very uneven shape, and you have to fill in the edges if you want a square or rectangular quilt!

I got so fed up with it yesterday that I decided to zigzag the remaining few shapes just to get it done. I'm not altogether happy with this solution, as if you do small zigzags, they make a dense edge to the join, but if they're bigger, I'm not confident that they'll hold. Ah well, I only had a few to do, and it got it into a manageable shape.

After a couple of borders, it looks quite pretty. (Just look how the yellow and blue borders have brought the yellow and blue nicely to the fore and pulled it together quite satisfactorily.)

But, I am heartily sick of these hexagons, which were given to me by the daughter of a lady who made them in the 1960s and 70s. She wanted them to go to a good home, and if you feel like you could give them the respect and love they deserve, please contact me and I'll gladly send you the whole blooming lot!


Contented Caroline said...

Oh Lynda you've done such a fantastic job but that post really did cheer me up. It looks gorgeous and you're efforts will be well received. I know what you mean though as I've done the 'hexagon' things as well and where you found a solution to get yours done - mine is shoved in a drawer somewhere - maybe one day i'll finish!!!

Kathie said...

oh I would love to give them a good home
I will make a little quilt first to hang on my wall of little quitls I am working on
then the rest I will add to for a larger quilt
thanks! I hope you will consider me to win them!!!!!

sewkalico said...

It looks great with those borders!!

If I had more time, I'd sew them up for you as single flower blocks on square backgrounds which would make cute Linus quilts, but I couldn't promise I'd do them anytime soon, so please feel free to send them to someone else :-)

Sew Unique Creations said...

LOL - Looks like Kathie beat me to this! Those hexagons are so cute! Love your hexie quilt.c

s'me said...

I'd love to! I've always wanted to try a hexagon quilt but working means I don't have time to actually *make* the things in the first place!

Andrea said...

I love hexagons and would gladly give them a home too but looks like I missed the boat (story of my life-lol). Your little quilt does look nice with those Borders and at least you had a good go at them.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh poor Lynda...your exasperation is so clearly evident in that post! You did a great job and I'm sure a good amount of quilting will hold it all together.

Hilda said...

Hi Lynda, I know the feeling with slow progress on hexagons by hand. But you know I have sewn them together by machine using tiny zigzag - only I had the hexagons back to back (right sides together) and sew along the join - just where you do it by hand. Looks OK, I think, when you open them out ...and can get quite quick! All the best:)