Friday, 10 February 2012


I proudly announced that my Calendar Baskets quilt was finished by the end of January, but the guilt has crept up on me. I certainly put nine of the baskets into the quilt, but I still have three left! They haven't actually been causing me sleepless nights, but I felt bad about just adding them to my orphan pile while at the same time, declaring them as a finish. Here they are, staring reproachfully at me. Three blocks - not a very helpful number to use up. Then I finally tracked down my 12 Days of Christmas blocks which have been languishing in a bag for years. They too don't make a coherent group. Then I had an idea. What about combining the two groups?

Here is a possible arrangement for the two sets to make a new quilt!

They will play together quite nicely I think. OK. You've noticed that I've conveniently left out the partridge in the pear tree. Well, don't think I'm fudging again - I have firm plans for him which will allow him to star in his own Christmas wall hanging. Hooray! UFOs into quilts!


loulee said...

The three French Hens would look good as a mini too.
Good for you using up UFO's.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I love the French Hens...they look fab!