Sunday, 5 February 2012


We had a Project Linus sewing afternoon last week, so I've been side-tracked into quilting for Linus (not that I mind, you inderstand!). Sue had made this stunning quilt (it's much brighter in actuality) but didn't feel confident enough to meander quilt it. I was happy to do it. It's made a really lovely, snuggly quilt. I will get it back to her for binding.

I've also unearthed UFO Challenge number 1, which is this reproduction quilt I started ages ago. As you can see, it's all layered up and mostly quilted. So why did it turn into a UFO? At the time, I was trying to create some semblance of an antique quilt, and wanted to incorporate some period quilting designs. On the large section with half square triangles I decided to do some wine glass shapes (interlocking circles), and merrily set off to machine quilt them. Although I've successfully free-machine quilted many time in the past, this did not go well at all. And instead of facing up to the fact that it just looked a mess, I continued, until the whole area was quilted, and it looked terrible! Even my good friend Jackie had to agree that it really needed to come out. Rats! The thought of undoing that much machine quilting made me put the quilt back into the cupboard, until Christmas, when I finally had plenty of chill time to tackle the task.
By this time, the stitching had left some marks on the fabric in parts, as you can see above, but I think that'll not be too obvious. I have now just quilted the windmill shapes in the ditch, and now it's on to the flying geese. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

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