Monday, 13 February 2012


Do you sometimes think you're starting to lose your marbles?

Do you ever go into a room and when you get there, can't remember why you went in? Did you ever forget where you'd parked the car? Have you ever said, 'I need to get a new, erm, oh dear, a, you know, the thing you put dirty clothes in - a washing machine!" Have you started to forget the names of people who you know really well? Don't worry, because these are normal things which happen to us all at some time or another, but there are some people whose memory problems are due to dementia, and especially Alzheimer's disease. This terrible affliction, like cancer, seems to be touching more and more of us. Ann Hill of Dumfrieshire, Scotland, is organising a huge fundraiser for Alzheimer Scotland for 2013, when she plans to cover the football pitch at Hampton Ground in Glasgow with 5,000 lap quilts! What a fabulous use for a football pitch! After the event, the quilts will either be sold, or distributed to care homes. Have you got a lap quilt you can donate? If not, Ann has patterns on her website to inspire you. Have a look HERE and please join in.

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Liz said...

The next flutterwheels quilt could be my contribution. My friend has been struggling to care for his wife for some time now and is looking for residential care for her. A quilt for Sylvia.