Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Anna's wedding

Last Sunday we went to my niece Anna's wedding to the lovely John.  It was in Canterbury, and while the weather was cooler than it has been of late, the sun shone!  Here is the happy couple at the reception.  They are perfect for each other - both slightly wacky, as you might see from John's sensible footwear!
Here are DH, DM-in-law and myself before the ceremony, in the car park!  Not an ideal setting for a portrait!

When I got home, I realsied I had hardly any decent photos, but here are the best.  At the table (from the left) there is nephew Edward, DS, then DM-in-law opposite and then DD and fiance.  The reception was at a country pub, and there was plenty of space to relax, both inside and out.

The family had spent quite a while putting up the decorations, but apparently the mother of the bride was the only one brave enough to go up the ladder to secure the bunting!  Way to go Julia!  It certainly all looked very festive. 
Here is DH and his younger brother, the father of the bride.  They don't look very alike, do they? 
Here is a better photo of DH and fiance Ben.  It won't be that long before their own wedding in October.  Hope they're saving hard!
And finally, I couldn't resist these cheeky pics of nephew William, who was entertaining his daughter and friends by encouraging them in silly dances.  This seems to be a kind of 'Jungle Book' number,

and this a devotional piece!  I think it was a plea to the band for an encore, and who could resist?!

It was a fabulous day and we all had a lovely time.  Congratulations to Anna and John, and I wish you both many years of happiness ahead!

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Liz said...

Looks like a lovely family day. Best wishes to the happy couple Your dress looks lovely btw.