Thursday, 11 July 2013

How time flies!

Time seems to have run away with me just recently, and the recent good weather in the UK hasn't helped.  It's too tempting to enjoy the garden and the sunshine while we can - goodness knows, it's the first summer in a while that the weather's been half decent!  Add to that a much recovered husband who is keen to go out after being stuck inside for so long, and it means that I didn't get the twins' quilts finished in time for the deadline. 
  My Easy Street is now all layered and quilted and I just need to get some dark purple for the binding.

The Scrappy 9-patch is finished, so I'm nearly there.  Luckily the twins are currently on holiday, so that's given me a little breathing space! 
I've been very busy making up a fund-raising booklet for my local quilt group, Piecemakers.  I have done a couple of these before, and we have sold them for charity at our biennial exhibition.  This time I have decided to raise funds for Prostate UK, a charity which has been very supportive of DH during his recent illness. 

It was quite difficult to do, as I like to have diagrams in my instructions, and that's very tricky to produce digitally, unless you have some clever software which can do it (and I don't!)  Luckily, the printing company I used were absolutely wonderful, and allowed me to submit hard copies of the art work, which they inserted for me! 

There are twelve different quilt block ideas, a zippy bag pattern and book cover instructions.  Some of it is in colour and I'm really pleased with it.  I have 200 books, and if you would like one, please send a cheque for £5 and a stamped addressed A4 envelope to me.  Leave a comment and I'll give you my snail mail.  If there should be anyone abroad who would like one, we could do a deal on some fabric!  (That's much easier than messing about with money orders!)

And here I am at the Hinckley U3A Craft Group with the square in a square blocks they made for Project Linus.  It took me ages to cut all those squares ready for the activity, but the end result will be worth it!


Margery said...

Yes, please, I'd like a copy of your book. Please tell me where to send my cheque - Margery.

SunnaR said...

Hi, my name is Sunna and I'm a lurker from Iceland. I have been reading your blog for over a year and am very fond of it and love all your work and ideas. I would very much like to do an exchange with you for your book. If you are interested my e-mail is (today is one of the days I can't access my google account, sigh).

Congratulation on finishing your Easy Street, I call mine Elm Street, as it was in no way easy for me to make it. It's waiting for thread basting and quilting.

I have a blog too, but I'm not very active, I can only access blogger now and then (and then only on my very old, mostly retired and slooowww computer) and don't understand all the technical jargon to fix the problem.