Monday, 15 July 2013


People sometimes ask me how I manage to make so many quilts.  Well, there are a number of answers to that question, such as being retired, having a dedicated sewing room, not being a domestic goddess etc, but one of the main ones is being organised!  I take no credit for my method, as it is Bonnie Hunter's scrap-users system, but this is how I work it.
I have been binding my 'Easy Street', thanks to Liz's kindness in letting me have some suitable purple fabric which she had bought from a sales table.  That saved me from a trip to the quilt shop!  First I trimmed the excess wadding and backing from the sides.

The small strips of wadding (on the left) went into the charity shop bag (they can get money from waste fabric) and the larger went into a bag to be used for bags, table mats etc.

The backing offcuts are cut into the widest strips they can be.  That is, one and a half inch, two inch and two and a half inch strips.  (The purple is a piece of leftover binding.)  These will be put into boxes for strips and squares of the same size.
Here are strips which just don't quite measure one and a half inches - they go into the string drawer for mile a minute blocks and general play!
Anything less than one inch wide has to go into the charity bag.  Even I can't use that!

And here is an example of why it's worthwhile.  These border 2" squares all came from my 2" box, without me having to cut them or disturb my yardage.  Result! 

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