Sunday, 18 December 2016

It's a top!

LI have thoroughly enjoyed working on the Sarah Fielke design 'Happy Days' but was unsure about which border options to choose.  Sarah suggests either a one fabric border, a border made of large equilateral triangles or one with embellished equilateral triangles.  I wasn't sure that such a busy quilt needed more busyness, or at least, I should say, l wasn't sure that my busy quilt needed more busyness - other people have to decide what is right for their quilt.  So I started at my local quilt shop, Sew Charming.  The owner of the shop is used to me bringing tops in and spreading them out to choose border fabric - the only way I can see if it's right is by auditioning fabrics. 

So here is my choice!  A narrow turquoise border and then a wide Kaffe Fassett magenta fabric with orange spots.  This isn't a perfect photo, but was the best I could manage, and it gives a good idea of the result.  I'm delighted with it, but not looking forward to the layering up and quilting! 

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