Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Slow progress

This month has so far had lots of treats which have lured me away from my machine.  A day with daughter and son in law in Cambridge, several Christmas meals, a day in London (it was heaving!), shopping for presents, concerts, meeting up with friends and family etc.  It's the same for everyone.  But I have sneaked a little sewing - it's my therapy! 

I'm up to date with the Bonnie Hunter mystery, En Provence.  Neutral fourpatches done, magenta tri recs done and purple and lilac four patches done too.  I've done half the number she suggests, as usual.  

I've also got this top quilted for Linus.  The Snoopy fabric was too good to cut up, although I had to do a bit of bodging to get it into a decent shape.  Can you see the miss match? 

This bottom corner is a bit of a mess, but the fabric's so busy, I think I just about get away with it! I'll bind it and then it'll be another finish. 

And I always like some mindless sewing, so I've been using my 1.5" strips in another scrappy log cabin.  I love dark and light designs and how your eye makes meaning from randomness.  At the top of this arrangement, on the top row, there are two very similar blue fabrics, one vertically on the third from the left and one horizontally on the very right hand block.  It's amazing that despite their similarity, your eye accepts one as light and one as dark, just because they're in the light or dark position.  Fascinating. 

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